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Demonic Plague Poem

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Demonic Plague Poem

Post  Zaylex/Keli on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:20 pm

A new plot. In the form of a poem. Tell me if you want to see more of the Demonic Plague.
Are they unstoppable?
Or are we just incapable?
Because of them, life is now merely
A piece of hope, death is nearly

They are almost upon us
Knocking on the door
It doesn't matter though,
They break in all the same.

Clawing at the windows,
It is good to be scared now.
Will they come to kill?
Suddenly, piercing through so shrill,
A shriek.

A battle cry, a yell,
That is all it is
Take your luck and hide,
Before they find you.

For they will find you,
And blood will be shed,
But you are not the hero
Your soul is sold,
To them.

For this
Demonic P l a g u e
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