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Santa in the Snowman [Bones Script, original]

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Santa in the Snowman [Bones Script, original]

Post  Zaylex/Keli on Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:33 pm

I tried emailing most of the cast, but no one is taking my ideas, so I decided to write them out myself. I have finished the two beginning scenes, so, yaaaay...
~Santa in the Snowman~
Opening Scene
Setting: Smithson Orphanage, evening, winter [snowing]
Characters: Boy 1 [Brown hair, blue eyes], Boy 2 [Blonde hair, brown eyes], Boy 3 [Brown hair, brown eyes]

Boy 1: [Snorts, walks towards the orphanage] Why do the people bother putting out signs that say ‘adopt me, adopt me’, when no one even wants a dirty little orphan?
Boy 2: [Follows with Boy 1 and Boy 3] I know. It’s weird. They’re weird.
Boy 3: [Looks at children staring at them from third floor of orphanage] If you ask me, they are freaky.
Boy 1: That’s why we didn’t ask you.
Boy 3: Jerk.
Boy 1: Scaredy-cat.
Boy 2: Shut up and look at that. [Points at snowman]
Boy 1: Well, c’mon! Let’s knock it down- those little ones need a chance to restart. [Starts kicking and digging at snow]
Boy 2: [Kicks and digs at snow]
Boy 3: [Takes off head of snowman and brushes snow off item] Guys, look at- OH MY GOD!! [Item is shown to be skull with slight flesh and medium frost]
Boys 1, 2, 3: [Run off stage]
[Begin intro theme]
Scene 2
Setting: Smithson Orphanage, morning, snowy
Characters: Temperance Brennan [Bones], Booth, Cam, Police Officer [Blue uniform, grey hair, green eyes]

Booth: It’s Christmas! How can someone be dead on Christmas?!
Bones: Not everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus. I, for one, am an example.
Booth: I know, I just mean, how can someone die when it’s so… cheerful?
Bones: Well, it isn’t that hard. Hypothermia, murder, drowning, frostbite-
Cam: [Walks over] It was murder.
Bones: We have no evidence of that, unless you have found something.
Cam: Well, I think this [Holds up bloody bullet] would classify under evidence. Have you figured out gender, age… anything?
Booth: How could someone murder one Christmas?! It’s- it’s- it’s so- cheerful!!
Bones: Male. The victim’s molars show that he was in his late thirties, early forties. I will get Hodgins looking at the maggots. Do you know what is wrong with them?
Police Officer: [Walks over] The worms? Their frozen- the body was found in a snowman, apparently three boys found it.
Booth: Really? A man, murdered, in a snowman, on Christmas?!? It’s supposed to be cheerful for God’s sake!
[Cue Laboratory, Angela’s office]
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Re: Santa in the Snowman [Bones Script, original]

Post  Kana on Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:38 pm

EPIC!!! Cool
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