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List of my Characters

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List of my Characters

Post  Zaylex/Keli on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:49 pm

Just a list of the characters I have/want to use/d.
Amari - She is black and has a white chest and blue eyes. She is very aggressive, loyal, and passionate about her work as a warrior. She is very small, as she was a runt at birth, but that doesn't stop her from starting fights. She was in love with the wolf who killed two of Akela's pups. I think she showed the perservering( sp?) side of me, because she never gave up in a fight until she was killed by a bear.
Kaana - She is sorta magical, from a magical, go-green, recycle, we-hate-humans kinda rp. She keeps the forest alive, but if the forest is cut down or polluted, she dies. I really hated her, she wasn't like me, and I dislike the wolves who are not like me.
Sombry - He is a git. He is a yellow with black stripe running down his back maned wolf, and he is stuck-up, insensitive, greedy, a know-it-all, argumentitive, and mean. He isn't evil though. He really showed the mean side of me, and he only cares about his sister, Akela. He grew very overwhieght living off of livestock, and was shot because he couldn't run very fast.
Akela - She is silver, and is prideful and relies on others. She is naive. She is a good healer, and cares about all her half-siblings. In the rp, she has pups, and becomes suicidal when her half-friend murders one that probably wouldn't of survived. I think she showed the depressed side of me, because nothing of her's ever went quite right. She died after two of her pups died (Storm and Night), by suicide (drowning herself).
Akela's Pups - Storm - Storm was a brave, slightly mean pup. He died trying to save his sister, Night, from a coyote. He was always seen picking on his brother, Avis. Avis - Avis was the smallest of the litter, I chose his name specifically because in some name I searched up (I think Hebrew) the name "Avisary" or something like that meant "Father of cunning". I shortened it to Avis. He was trampled on by elk, and always shy. Night - Very smart, sarcastic, and liked to play with Storm. She was killed by Thunder, and was planning to be a Beta/Delta when she grew up. Alaya - The second-smallest, she had the least-developed character personality. She was your average pup, friendly and cute.
WyndBane - She is like, my history character. She had like, the exact same history. If she was played longer, I would have shown that her father had abused her mother, and Wyndy didn't know it. Wyndbane was very prideful, sarcastic, and, when her shell was cracked, you could occasionally see some friendship (See: Kana). She died at the fangs of Daimon.
Alpine - The father of the puppies. He had been Akela's crush, and when they found each other at the pack territory, they had pups. Turns out he was in a different relationship in a different pack. This is probably my second least-developed character, cuz I kinda just used him so that I could get to the pups.
Convel - A third ladies-man, a third shyness, and a whole lotta awesomeness! See the rp for more info on him.

Characters I Want to Rp -
Greed - He is very greedy, and steals a lot of food, good dens, ect.
Gluttony - He over-indulges in food, and is rather overweight. He also does not care much about the older wolves's (elders) health/care.
Wrath - He is like, super aggressive and a good fighter.
Lust - She cheats, breaks hearts, and is, oh yeah, supah-sexay.

I dun wanna give you any more seizures then you already have, so I will stop now.
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