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Her Name is Alice

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Her Name is Alice

Post  Zaylex/Keli on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:44 pm

Chapter One: Through the Rabbit Hole

Alice looked in the mirror. A cracked reflection showed not what she saw, not what reality was, but what the others saw.

While reality showed a thin, pale young girl with tear-streaked cheeks, the people around her saw a spoilt girl who got what she wanted. And the people made sure Alice felt the anger they had.

The girl wiped at her eyes, and pulled out the hair-tie keeping her white-blonde curls back.

She sat on the ground and looked at the patched stuffed rabbit she brought with her everywhere.
"If I had a world of my own, everything would nonsense... nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't," she spoke to the rabbit. His glass eyes stared into nothing, and she smiled grimly at the response- or lack thereof.

"I would give anything to have my own world. Except you," she pulled her eyes back to the white toy.

"Alice..." a breathy voice spoke from the doorway. "Alice.. get off the floor. You will soil your dress. Your father doesn't pay good money for ruined things."

Alice glared at the floor. "I don't care about dresses. If 'my father' doesn't want his dresses on the floor, he shouldn't give them to me."

"Alice! Get off the ground, now!"
The young girl pushed her way up and ran out the door at this. She made her way outside, crying.

As she neared the rose garden, a voice sounded. "Alice... stop crying..."

It wasn't her mother's voice though.

Scared now, Alice looked around her.

And then she looked down. Giving a little shriek, Alice dropped the now squirming white, stuffed rabbit.

"Kisene!" the girl whimpered, backing away from her stuffed toy.

"Call me Laikro. Now, hurry! We must be off! Before we are late!" with that, the rabbit bounded into the garden. "Wait! Wait!" Alice called as she tried to keep up.

She suddenly tripped and fell, but unlike normal, didn't fall on the cold dirt.

The blonde girl screamed as she fell through the rabbit hole, the last thing she saw being a pocket watch falling after her.


My version of a remake of Alice in Wonderland.
Lithuanian rabbit even though it is a British story.
Based off the song Her Name is Alice by Shinedown.
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