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Blank Slate

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Blank Slate

Post  Pups on Sat May 12, 2012 6:35 am

This story contains spoilers to a story I might post later.

Slate (Ryng's son)
Hartch (Ryng's brother)
Gabbi (Ryng's mate)
Ryng (Leader of pack)
Unnamed orange tabby
Dwarf pigs-

The rats looked around, glancing wearily. A noise thudded from above them. Ryng stared up, his piercing red eyes glaring at the blank air above them.

Suddenly, a figure jumped- more like fell -off the shelf, and crawled out of the safety of the shadows. It was revealed that the figure was a larger version of Ryng, with some noticeable differences. The new rat's white fur was matted, his ruby eyes held a calmer look to them, and his clawed paws were sharper.

As he spoke, it was shown each of his molars were given a point, the front teeth sharpened.

"Brother, dear Gabbi, and my boy- Slate!"
The albino rasped, placing a paw on a now staring gray rat. Gabbi simply neared her beloved mate, and Ryng narrowed his maroon pupils.

"Hartch. Brother. Where have you been? Using that singing voice for our mother?", Ryng growled, his mouth pulled upward in a smirk.

Hartch scowled, and snarled, "Mother is dead- she was found in her cage last night! But I suppose you were to busy strutting around to notice?!"

Ryng opened his mouth, then closed it again. "How did she die?" This question was not from the mouth of the muscular white rat who stood prominently in his trio, but from his son, Slate.

Before the musty-scented white rat could answer, a large orange tabby pounced down. She yowled, flicked her tail, and leaped.
Before Ryng could react, he was in the mouth of the she-cat.

However, the feline wanted some fun in her kill.

Slate, Gabbi, and Hartch quickly crawled back inside. It was a murder, but they couldn't stop it. Only fools would try.

The tabby let Ryng pant for a second, and rested her jaws enough for him to crawl halfway out. Two thirds out. Only the tip of his tail remained in her mouth.

And then she bit down, hard. The albino gave a horrid yell, the sound giving an echo in the metal room that was similar to chalk scraping on a board.

She dropped him, and the rat fell, breathing heavily, winded. A rat's tail was precious to a rat.

The cat placed a front paw onto said rat's back. She pressed down, ever so gently, slowly.

Then, she added another paw.

The breath was out of Ring's lungs, he couldn't breathe. The feline unsheathed her claws, letting the small, dagger-like tips enter his back.

The tabby slowly raked her claws down, dragging them slowly into his flesh.

Maroon and red blossomed onto the wounds, tainting the air with the sickly sweet yet bitter smell if the sticky solution.

The orange cat flipped him onto his back, and bit into the rat's muzzle, breaking the jaw, but wouldn't stop.

The flesh itself lost the battle, finding it's way cut from the skin that covered his muzzle.

She chewed at the protruding bones and teeth, spitting them out. The conclusion was a bloody viewing of his gums and teeth.

Before the cat could drag her kill away, she was met by three rats- one white, one gray, one brown with only one eye.

Murder was horrid in it's own, but the torture was a disgrace.

Gabbi led the attack, digging her incisors into the orange Tabby's shoulder, clawing a wound in the flesh from her claws.

Hartch leapt onto the tabby's thigh, giving an attack with multiple scratches in a short time. He buried his own sharp teeth into the cat's hind leg.

Slate took in the face, first with the eyes.
Her yellow orbs are dug out, each with a good amount of blood and muscles attached.

Next, he raked at her nose. She was too taken up trying to dislodge each rat, that Gabbi was able to give the death note, puncturing the jugular in the neck with large front teeth. Blood spattered, giving each rodent a red patch.

Slate only stared- Ryng was dead. Ryng. His father. Dead.


The orange tabby kitten wandered to the back of the pack.

"Kira, I miss them. My parents.", a coonhound pup muttered to his friend.

"I miss my mama,", the kitten- Kira -whispered back.

"Hey, Zel, who do you think killed Master?" She asked openly.

Just then, a swishing sound was heard, a sound of potential energy. A crisp noise of metal in the air was heard, and a scalpel suddenly fell, the rope that had been holding it precariously followed.

By then, they were in the very back, no one was around them.

Kira pushed her best friend out of the trajectory of the knife, and Zel stumbled to the side.

The tabby kitten was paralyzed by fear, she couldn't move. A sickening crunch of the weapon slashing through fur and flesh, and the sound of blood splattering.

Kira's eyes glazed over as she bled out slowly. Her companion, her best friend, Zel crawled over.

"You really ought to know you should never take a blow for a friend," he replied numbly.

Her life waned slowly, and the feline laid in her own maroon blood.

The pain was intense, every pound of the heart that was failing to live seemed like an earthquake to the kitten.

Zel sensed her angst, and with a last whimper, took her neck gently in his mouth, before crushing Kira's throat, allowing the peace of death to take her quicker.

As her eyes closed slowly, he gave a howl of the pain and misery of his loss.

The pup noticed the rope that the knife had been attached to. It was chewed through.

This was murder.

I loved this. It's part of my story called Lab Rats. I might change the name to Blank Slate, not sure. So, if you can't follow, the first murder is started by Slate's uncle coming to say that his mother was dead. Minutes later, a cat attacks and tortures Ryng, however the action of torture is so looked down upon that the trio attack the cat.
The second murder is set over a period of time. A kitten and a pup, presumable good friends, are walking together. They get held up talking, and a scalpel is dropped. The kitten pushes the pup out of the way, and takes the hit herself.

I. Love. This. Story. I love writing horror and drama and tragedy, and I love ZelxKira. R&r!

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