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Ravine of Souls

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Ravine of Souls

Post  Zaylex/Keli on Sat May 05, 2012 5:50 pm

I made this because someone on dA offended me by saying that, to quote, "This person (me) doesn't know gore!" and then with a followup of, "The pictures aren't creepy."
So, I made this.
I was going to make the wolves in a well, but... I can't draw wells well (pun.).
Random wolf get's hanged across a gorge, before his body gets torn to shreds by the hungry souls beneath.

The souls also symbolize what I believe are the three most dangerous feelings. Insane glee, ragin anger, and pure sadness/angst. All are feelings that, when not addressed, will feed on other emotions until those three are taking over.

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