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Keli's Biography (Spoilers)

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Keli's Biography (Spoilers)

Post  Pups on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:08 am

Name: Keli
Nickname(s): Mother: N/A Father: Dear, love, ect. Kyo: N/A Taima: N/A Kira: N/A Zaylex: N/A
Age: A month old
Gender: Female
Pelt colour(s): Convel's grey, she has her mother's white/silver markings
Eye colour: Amber
Wanted rank: Hunter/Warrior
Strengths: She is nimble and thin, she is fast, she is very comforting
Weaknesses: She is weaker, she is sometimes very vain, she is sometimes faint from hunger (she is thin), she relies on other wolf's compliments to get through (she relies on beauty)
Likes: Taima, her father, her mother, making her parents proud, compliments, being 'Daddy's little girl'
Dislikes: Feeling ugly, scars, teasing, being called weak
Crush: (Later) She will have a TINYTINYTINY crush on Vince just because she wants to be like him, he is her role-model
Mate: N/A
Family: Convel (Father) Feather (Mother) Kyo, Taima, Zaylex (Brothers), Kira (Sister), Kana (Aunt), Unknown paternal grandfather (D*), Unknown paternal grandmother (D), Unknown uncles/aunts (D/A*), Unknown maternal grandfather, Unknown maternal grandfather, Shilo (Half-sister)
Distinctive markings (things to tell you apart from others): Feather's white markings, extra brown markings
Theme song (XD): I Am A Superstar (By Toybox XDDDD)
History: She was born.

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